Hello my name is fabulous!

My name is Brownie and I am pampered. So what if I am a boy...I love dressing up! Look at me...just a plain tshirt and I look fabulous! I am often referred to as studmuffin. But I just like the muffins!



너가 가져야 하는 개 의류 ! 高狗时装服饰. Alti vestiti ed accessori del cane da modo.
Doit avoir l'habillement et les accessoires de chien. Deve ter a roupa e os acessórios do cão. Debe tener la ropa y accesorios del perro. Muß Hunde-Kleidung und Zusatzgeräte haben!

Faux leopard print jacket and faux leather jacket with embroidered dragon

MG...these are so cute!!! You have to try it to believe! Absolutely soft and adorable on my two dogs. Will have to get some pics of them trotting down the dogwalk in high fashion! Coming soon!

Did you say Made in Milano Italy?

Made in where? That's right. These are the latest treatie holders. You can store whatever treats you choose, clip it on your bag, your dog's bag or carrier, or just drop it n your purse. In my case, I have one in my office, one at home near the TV (I choose to give them out during my entertainment hour so the dogs will sit), and one my puggy bag that I take with me whereever I take my dogs. Byt they way, if pampered puppy there trys to chew it or kill it, the case is pretty strong.


Dog Fashions...isn't it crazy!

The consumer industry has gone crazy for dog couture! Dogs are pampered to another level and have become an extension of the family and no longer just an animal.

As a dog lover, I could not be any happier. Yes, I am guilty of dressing my dog...but whoever thought wearing dog shoes would be so in? Well it is. And what about those genuine Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar necklaces?