Hot New Juicy Couture for Your Dog

Cute new Juicy Couture dog clothes, Juicy Dog Collars, Juicy Pet Carriers, and Juicy Pet Jars...so cute!

Dog Bowls That Help Your Dog's Digestive Health!

Check out these cool dog bowls which help with digestive health. The eatBetter Dog Bowls and drinkBetter Dog Bowls are stylish and affordable ways to improve your pet's health.


Buddy Belts

The Buddy Belt dog harness is hand made in Canada and our top pick for dogs with trachea problems. It's a step in type harness around the two front legs and then you buckle on top like a belt. It was originally created by Buddy's Mom as she tried everything out there for her Dachshund who had severe trachea damage. This is definitely the ultimate dog harness...human and stylish.


Cute Dog Clothes


Pet Style Trends - Hottest Dog Clothes and Accessories

You can look to LaLaDoggy.com's blog and forum for the latest in pet fashions and lifestyle trends!

Designer Dog Clothes and Dog Accessories

Go visit FunnyFur.com for the hottest designer dog clothes, designer dog carriers, ultimate dog collars and dog harnesses, organic dog treats, organic grooming & spa care, plush dog beds, and other great dog products!


Ultimate Dog Harness

Buddy Belts is in a totally different class of dog harnesses, it's stylish, comfortable, durable, and is the best for your dog. The high end leather is soft and prevents matting and knotting of your dog's hair when it is worn and used.


We MOVED to our NEW official blog home, LALADOGGY.com!

Thank you to everyone for reading our blog! We have now moved to our new blog home at http://www.laladoggy.com. Please add La La Doggy to your links or update your links to us. Thanks for reading and please let us know your comments and feedback!


Want to watch the pet Oscars Red Carpet event again on E!?

For those who missed Little Lily's "Red Carpet Event", tune in today as it's also aired at March 2nd at 3AM, 8AM and 12PM. We just LOVE "the Penelope"! So cute right?!


HOT NEW STYLES!!! Little Lily's new Oscar styles for dogs!

Little Lily

"The Red Carpet Collection" inspired by fashions from the 2007 Oscar's is part of the fabulous Little Lily® Limited Edition Collection. Celebrity pet designer Little Lily brings to pet fashionistas the must have Oscar styles!

This limited edition collection will be featured on this evening's edition of E! News (March 1st @7pm and 11pm PST)

Check it out now at www.funnyfur.com!



方法前 Paris Hiltonペット洋装店

予想は余分である…パリ熱 Paris HiltonのコレクションがFunnyFur.comでここに着いた! 首位ペット生活様式のブランドによる新しいペット洋装店ラインおよび名声はデザイナー、小さいユリをかわいがったり、パリのによって」生活様式および新しい傾向を定着させるファッション感覚促される。 この排他的で新しいコレクションは方法前方犬および識別力がある方法常習者のためである! 小さいユリによるパリ新しいHiltonのコレクションはペット服装および付属品、寝具、おもちゃおよび有名なLilyboots含んでいる。 今「熱い!」 私達の好みの点検1、この熱い紫色の輝きの泡Lilydress!


Hot new dog fashions added everyday and great February specials at FunnyFur.com!

FunnyFur.com's website is updated daily with hot new pet fashions, must have doggy couture, delicious fresh baked organic treats, natural eco-friendly grooming and spa care...so much to choose from, we suggest having your pet next to you and take a doggystroll on our website. FunnyFur.com's Urban Doggy Styles Newsletters are sent out monthly to registered customers and guests, which includes the Hot New Style, the Hot Deal, and the Look of the Month. Plus, any new Featured Designers, upcoming designers, upcoming cool dog events, and current specials are highlighted! All the latest and greatest plus fabulous hot deals are all announced first to our registered customers and guests (subscribe to our subscription list by adding your email in the box on the bottom green bar near bottom of page of Funnyfur.com's website or email us at info@funnyfur.com with subject "Add to Newsletter distribution"). Check out our latest Newsletter now for new pet fashions, hot designers, and specials!


Hot new styles from Chi WOW WOW...check out the Punk Rose Reversible Vintage Jacket!

Reversible and so cool, Chi WOW WOW™'s jackets are made with vintage fabrics, worn jeans and anything else that attracts Elvis's (Founder) attention. Soft, water resistant polka dot fabric on one side and vintage leatherette on other side. Two hip jackets in one! Versatility has never been so vintage hip and fabulous! Elvis is really rockin' his style...fold collars up for groovy, Elvis style!

Part of the Signature Collection from Chi WOW WOW™. Unique, one of a kind vintage designs that will make you want to take your dog everywhere!


IDA's 3rd Annual Online Auction for the Animals and first-ever star-studded Benefit Concert

Just wanted to let everyone know about IDA's (In Defense of Animal's) star studded Benefit Concert for the animals which will be held on February 17, 2007 at Paramount Studios, Hollywood. The even will be hosted by American Idol host and animal lover, Paula Abdul. This special event will help the animals affected by Hurricane Katrina, who are still alone, scared and hungry, wandering the abandoned streets searching for food, water and shelter. This event will also launch IDAs Disaster Relief Fund to help animals in future disasters and help fund other IDA rescue operations throughout the world. Please help these Katrina animal victims by making a contribution or your participation in their silent auction. Auction items will include products seen at FunnyFur.com as well as a lot of other great products for pets. Get involved and participate today!


New Paris Hilton Collection is here now at FunnyFur.com!

The anticipation is over...the HOT new Paris Hilton Collection is now here at FunnyFur.com! The new pet couture line by premier pet lifestyle brand and celebrity pet designer, Little Lily, is inspired by Paris’ lifestyle and trend-setting fashion sense. This exclusive new collection is for fashion-forward dogs and discriminating fashion addicts! Check out one of our favorites, this hot Purple Sparkle Bubble Lilydress!


The wait is over...Paris Erotica just arrived from Japan!

Paris Erotica and Pink Gold by Paris Erotica now at FunnyFur.com!We are proud to announce our new Featured Designer Paris Erotica with a focus on their premier line, Pink Gold by Paris Erotica! Just in from Japan!
In keeping up with all that is chic and fashion forward in the world of doggie ensembles and accessories, FunnyFur.com’s new featured designer line includes jeweled vintage style tees, monogram rucksaks for the fashionista on the go, retro-girly style hoodies, hip velour dresses, and vintage camo skirts. These items are sure to make your pampered prince or princess stand out in the crowd and be the envy of dogs (and dog owners) everywhere!

Don’t forget to check out the other items in the FunnyFur.com family of doggie items to lavish upon your little ones. After all, FunnyFur.com is for the fashion forward pet fashionistas and discriminating fashion addicts. The other items in the FunnyFur.com line include more designer dog apparel and clothes, one of a kind doggy couture wear, fashionable pet carriers, designer dog accessories, collars & harnesses, eco-friendly grooming & spa care, novelty dog toys, handmade pet jewelry, organic dog treats, pet furniture, and other fabulous dog gifts and goodies. And always remember the FunnyFur.com motto: Everything dog, everyday™. Happy Dogs dig here™. And that's the way we like it.


HOT new Paris Hilton Collection by Little Lily!

Little Lily just introduced the Paris Hilton Collection by Little Lily! The press release today announced that "Lara Alameddine and Daniel Dubiecki, co-creators of Little Lily, will collaborate with Paris Hilton in the design and development of the Collection, inspired by Paris’ lifestyle and trend-setting fashion sense. Paris Hilton, one of the company’s most loyal fans, will be closely involved in the program, providing design insight and guidance." The new Paris Hilton Collection "which will include pet apparel and accessories, bedding, toys, and the famed Lilyboots, will be available in stores early 2007 and will range in price from $25-$350." What can we expect to see? Stay tune as we will be getting the new Little Lily Spring collections in early February. This is going to be HOT!

Storewide SALE up to 65% off plus FREE SHIPPING!

In keeping with our mission to find all the coolest, hip and fashionable dog fashions, we now carry one of the largest selection of designer dog clothes from all over the world! We have been sniffing around the web, pet industry events, and globe trotting to major fashion cities in search of the most fashionable, unique dog clothes. Our fashion forward selection is unlike any other pet boutique! We want to thank all of our customers for their love of pet fashions, support, and of course, feedback on our dog apparel selection and products. Please use PROMO code "ff0107ship" to get FREE SHIPPING* storewide! SHOP NOW!

* Available for limited time for shipping to continental US delivery destinations.


British Fashion Invasion! From London's Runway to Hollywood - *HOT* new British Punk Kilts!

It's the British invasion with the classic kilt for your hip punk'd out boy or girl dog. Wool blend red tartan plaid, fully lined and sporting side pleats, comes with a comfy stretch band at the belly and a skull and crossbones charm. Pair it with a Chi WOW WOW Tee or Tank and a Vintage Rock Jacket. Carloyn Paxton, creator and designer of the hip vintage line Chi WOW WOW, believes that "Pet fashion isn’t just about “BLING” anymore. The kilt, traditionally worn by men, can now be purchased for male dogs, by their owners who want something fun and different for their close companion." There are two style versions, one for boys and one for girls. Very hip, very stylish, and super HOT! Check out the British Punk Kilt now!


NEW!!! Chi WOW WOW™ Signature Carrier (Surfboards) and new ribbon styles are smoking hot for the vintage hipsters!

New Chi WOW WOW™ Signature Carrier with Surfboards graphic print is absolutely paw-fect for the hip, low key beach lovers! The new larger, brighter ribbons add more retro vintage girly flair. Your little hippy fashionista can pop their head out and lay down in the bag, sit up and people watch while Mom is shopping or running errands, or choose to be incognito and lay low getting some beauty rest with the side hole window closed and buttoned. Perhaps our favorite thing about this vintage style bag is how you can add your own style and personal touch with memorabilia such as pins, clips, charms, key chains, tags, jewels, beach accessories, and other cool hip embellishments to make it your very own!

For those who missed our introduction of the Chi WOW WOW™ doggy couture line a while back, here is briefing. Chi WOW WOW™ makes hip, one of a kind vintage doggy couture. Aside from the Signature Tanks, everything is one of a kind! So Paris, get Tinkerbell some Chi WOW WOW vintage couture wear so you will never bump into Hilary or Tori's pooch with the little fashion mavens wearing the same thing! Then nobody would be able to copy Tinkerbell...there is only one size for each style and you will have no red carpet embarrassments...and the follow up of who wore it best. We likey likey. Chi WOW WOW


Hello Kitty Pink Head Cameo Lucite & Metal Chain Necklace and Leashes by Tarina Tarantino are sizzling!

Lucite & Metail Chain Lead
Hello Kitty Lucite & Chain Necklace
Hello Kitty? Could this be? She looks different. Yes, celebrated celebrity jeweler Tarina Tarantino, is a fashion genious! Ms. Kitty now has new hair do and color! Did I mention this is for dogs? Tarina's new winter collection is so hot...we can't help but want to wear it, too! Fashionable pet parents, here is TIP for you. Since the necklaces have metal chains and therefore, are adjustable to the hole that fits (add the extender length in when figuring out the right size), get a size a little larger so then you can wear it, too! Now that's what we call versatile and good shopping! Did we mention each piece is handmade with TLC? :)

Doggy Outfits? Yup...pet fashionistas must have this!

These hot outfits are for pet fashionistas only! Look absolutely fabulous with these complete outfits!

Each outfit (black, pink, white/red) includes matching attire and accessories as shown in picture. Outfits above includes Lulu Lilytees™, Lulu Lilyskirts™, Lulu Lilybelts™, and includes the matching Lilyscarfs™ and Lilyearmuffs™! Mix and match, have fun, and look absolutely fabulous!

SHOP now at FUNNYFUR.com!


Unique dog toys at affordable prices will make your dog lover friends love your gift...and you for giving it!

Sushi Pups
It's that time of the year again where we ponder what to get for our friends, family, and coworkers. You wonder why you didn't get in traffic to go wait for parking and jam yourself with the crowd at the mall, where the consumer masses have happily crowded and jammed themselves like sardines in a can, to find great deals on sales for their long holiday list. As some of us may not want to think about it, but the economy is not as strong as it use to be and it would be nice to get more for your money, like gifts for everyone and have some left to buy yourself something. The gift from giving should be to the giver, who painfully dare to enter the mall during this time of the year. We suggest to consider easier alternatives such as shopping online, which you can do at your ceonvenience, no wait to checkout and you can shop anytime you wish. If you know your friends, family, coworkers, and/or other companions love dogs or you have you own doggy, then get them a unique, novelty plush dog toy like this Four Piece Sushi Gift Set for $28. You can also get two piece sets of sushi toys for $16 and individual pieces for only $6! FunnyFur.com has all kinds of cute holiday toys and gift sets under $20 and we will ship to you at your home or office. Check out FunnyFur.com for your four-legged friends today!


Paw-fect holiday gifts for dog lover coworkers, friends, and family!

Lolly Organic Dog Toy

Four Piece Sushi Gift Set
Sniffany & Company Dog Bed
Fur Butter or WorseBow Wow Butter BalmCranberry Dog Bed

Tis that time of the year again, where we ponder what to get for our friends, family, and coworkers. Now let's not forget about our four legged friends. Whether they are pampered pooches or macho doggies, their paws could use some BowWow Butter Balm and Fur Butter (or Fur Worse) this winter. If you are shopping for your dogs, a nice custom plush pillow bed with handsewn initial of your little one's name (comes in a variety of colors), a novelty dog toy like the Sniffany & Co., a new winter jacket for evening walks, Sushi Pups sushi toys, Simply Fido's organic dog toys and puppy blankies, or a festive holiday outfit.

Now if you shopping for your coworker, we think the best gifts this season is the red plaid lilymuffs (one size so not hard to choose size), Sushi Pups sushi toys, Simply Fido's holiday gift sets of organic dog toys and organic dog treats by Robbie Dawg, organic dog treats in holiday flavors and shapes, novelty dog toys like a Pawda bag or Chewy Vuitton bag, Pet Botanica spa gift sets, pawcuffs, and more! Check out FunnyFur.com's great holiday selection of gifts for you and all your dog lover friends and family!


New!!! MAGGIE Lilydresses™ by Little Lily® is a fabulous addition to your pooch's collection! Hip, fashion forward, and super cute!

This new limited edition Maggie Lilydresses™ is the paw-fect outfit for your little fashionista this holiday season. Part of the exclusive Little Lily® Couture Collection. In the past, pooch's in Japan have always been the leaders in adorning funky, fashion forward, and super cute doggy couture but now we are seeing more funky styles here in the states. Great trendsetters like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Mischa Barton, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Richie all have something unique about their style and taste in accessorizing. Whether it's the big purse, big sunglasses, tight skinny jeans, big classsic belt, flashy jewels and bling, or handmade bracelets...these celebrities have mixed classic styles with funky accessories or vice versa, but the funnest part is to see something ordinary like a simple classic black dress come to life and the outfit even transforms into something a little edgy once a belt and purse is added to complete the outfit. The Maggie Lilydresses™ (as shown here) is a simple black dress coupled with the Maggie Lilybelts™ and Maggie Lilypurses™, each individually cute and simple, but when put together, we have a little fashion diva doggystrolling the neighborhood block, the mall, or just looking fabulous at home. This exclusive limited edition item is a must have for your collection!


New Limited Edition Ballerina Lilyboots™ by Little Lily® are hot!

As you fashionistas and style mavens already know, that the ballerina style has been hot this season, whether it be tutus, ballet shoes, or accessories, we have seen them everywhere now and we can't get enough! Little Lily®'s new fall collection includes the most cute and must have new pet fashions, with the Katrina Lilydresses (available in pink and black) influenced by the tutus adorned by ballerinas, Katrina ballet shoes and tutus lilycharms™, and of course, these must have limited edition Ballerina Lilyboots! So cute right?!


Pink Gold by Paris Erotica coming to FunnyFur.com!

Paris Erotica and Pink Gold by Paris Erotica coming soon to FunnyFur.com! Looking for unique dog couture? The Paris Erotica line will bring a sweet delight to the fashionista mavens. This line will add to FunnyFur.com's unique fashion forward selection of designer dog clothes for the trendsetters. Large selection for both girls and boys, small and large...all dogs welcomed! We believe everydog has a right to be fashionable and enjoy the same modern living standards as their pet parents.

Although our blog is primarily focused on fashion, did we mention we also scour the US for hot eco-friendly products like fresh basked organic dog treats and chews, organic dog toys, and organic grooming and spa care products. Come hang out with us! Your dog will thank you for it!


Chi WOW WOW™ one of a kind dingle-tail hoodies are must have!

Chi WOW WOW new Vintage HoodieThis new vintage hoodie from Chi WOW WOW™ is absolutely punk dog! Big sleeves can be rolled up and the hood with it's crazy dingle-tail will make you melt, can be tied to a loop under the hood for a different look... It really is 2 sweatshirts in one!


Halloween Sale Going on right at FunnyFur.com!

Many great Halloween costumes and toys on sale now for as low as $4.95! Buy a few and stock up for next year!