Pink Gold by Paris Erotica coming to FunnyFur.com!

Paris Erotica and Pink Gold by Paris Erotica coming soon to FunnyFur.com! Looking for unique dog couture? The Paris Erotica line will bring a sweet delight to the fashionista mavens. This line will add to FunnyFur.com's unique fashion forward selection of designer dog clothes for the trendsetters. Large selection for both girls and boys, small and large...all dogs welcomed! We believe everydog has a right to be fashionable and enjoy the same modern living standards as their pet parents.

Although our blog is primarily focused on fashion, did we mention we also scour the US for hot eco-friendly products like fresh basked organic dog treats and chews, organic dog toys, and organic grooming and spa care products. Come hang out with us! Your dog will thank you for it!

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